Alvian Wardhana


Alvian is a seasoned safeguard policy consultant for the Asian Development Bank who excels in crafting safeguard policies in the Asia Pacific region. As Founder of Literasi Anak Banua (LAB), he transformed education in remote areas, empowering 1,800+ children and elevating education quality by 30-60%. His commitment extended when he served as Youth Advisor for UNESCO Asia Pacific, where he advocated for Climate Resilience for Indigenous people through educational and interfaith framework, including, but not limited to, marine education for coastal indigenous people. Through his contributions, he received some of the most prestigious awards, such as The Diana Award 2021 and the Y20 Award. Besides his work, he built innovative ideas called Sustainable Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (SIMA), which he won 3rd in the OIC Scientific Competition from over 1200 applications, and the concept ideas are now implemented in early stage on coastline areas of Brazil under UNFCCC.