The 2024 East Asian Seas Congress International Conference will build around four key subthemes that showcase various enabling conditions in which synergies can be established, maintained, or strengthened to ensure a sustainable, inclusive, and resilient ocean for the region.

Ocean Science, Policy, and Practice

Advancing ocean knowledge and governance by building on integrated approaches and collaborative measures that bridge science, policy formulation and planning, and on-the-ground implementation to secure a healthier ocean.

Global Challenges, Local Solutions

Scaling local solutions and community-driven initiatives to combat transboundary and global threats such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable use of resources.

Innovation and Digitizing Ocean Action

Harnessing emerging technologies and innovative approaches such as AI, big data, and online knowledge sharing, among others, to accelerate evidence-based decision-making on sustainable coastal and ocean development.

Blue Financing and Investments

Mobilizing public and private financing mechanisms to support long-term blue economy growth, marine conservation, and sustainable ocean industries across and beyond the region.