PNLG Executive Committee commits to further strengthen regional cooperation on sustainable coastal management in the East Asian Seas

24 June, 2024

Dongying City, China – PEMSEA Resource Facility, represented by Executive Director Aimee T.  Gonzales, participated in the PEMSEA Network of Local Governments (PNLG) Executive Committee Meeting in Dongying City, China, from June 18-20, 2024. The Executive Committee is an annual governance meeting participated by its President, PRF and PMLG Secretariat supported by Coastal and Marine Institute of Xiamen University and host LGU. 

The EC meeting which opened with a warm welcome from the Dongying Vice Mayor, Mr. LIANG Runsheng, reviewed the network’s achievements in 2023, discussed and endorsed  network activities in the next two years for approval in the upcoming PNLG General Assembly in Xiamen in November 6-8, 2024. Timed around the EAS Congress 2024 and Xiamen World Ocean Week 2024,  PNLG members will participate in various Congress activities such as the International Conference, a joint learning event with the PEMSEA Network of Learning Centres, and an immersion trip showcasing the application of integrated coastal management in Xiamen.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the acceptance of the Dongying Huanhai Institute for Marine Conservation and Development as an associate PNLG member. The Secretariat also reported on efforts to recruit new members, including outreach to East Lombok Regency, Indonesia, and Yancheng City, China.

The PNLG Secretariat highlighted recent capacity-building initiatives, including visits to members in Malaysia and Indonesia, plans for a PNLG-PNLC Joint Learning Forum at the upcoming East Asian Seas Congress 2024 in Xiamen, China, and formalizing a partnership between PNLG and the PEMSEA Network of Learning Centers (PNLC) to further strengthen collaboration with the academe on integrated coastal management through capacity building and knowledge sharing activities. 

Participants also visited the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve. This 153,000-hectare wetland ecosystem, established in 1992, is renowned for protecting rare and endangered birds. Home to 1,626 wild animal species and 393 plant varieties, it is recognized internationally as a crucial habitat for migratory birds.

This meeting marks another step forward on regional cooperation for sustainable coastal management in East Asia.